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We offer to our clients the possibility to travel to their destination with stops along the way by visiting the several sites located in our beautiful region: an nice way to make the best of your time while travelling. For exemple: if you travel from Naples to Positano, olong your route you will fine nice sites to visit as Pompeii, Herculaneum, Mt. Vesuvius and Sorrento. to visit this sites during your transfer will let you save time and money.

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Amalfi Coast Tour

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The “Amalfi Drive” is said to be the most spectacular road in Europe and from Sorrento, the winding cliff top road offers breathtaking panoramic views at every bend. Each spot is a world of its own, a fantastic world which dazzles the imagination and inspires unforgettable impressions. First stop of the Amalfi coast is Positano Positano is an enchanting fishing village with houses built into the cliff face. The village is famous for its fashion, created by local dressmakers and sold in the Positano shops. Steep steps and alleys take you up and down in the village, which is mainly a pedestrian area. The main coast road passes over the top of the village, and while buses can only take that road, we will drive the one way narrower road that will allow us to get right in the heart of this magical town. The next town  Amalfi, which gives its name to the whole coast on which it lies. Once a thriving Marine Republic, powerful and prosperous and now a thriving holiday resort. The unmistakeable cluster of white tightly packed houses rising up the hillside is dominated by the beautiful Cathedral, which stands superbly on the top of a great flight of steps leading up from the main square. Housed in the magnificent Cathedral are the remains of the Patron Saint of Amalfi and also Scotland – Saint Andrew. From Amalfi we visit Ravello, which nestles eleven hundred feet above the sea in the hillside. We visit the Villa Rufolo which gave the musician Richard Wagner the inspiration to create one of his most famous operas, Parsifal. During the tour we will stop along the way for take beautifull picture and if we can also stop in a tipical local restaurant for lunch. Our tours and itinerary can to be change by the customer request even during the tour

Amalfi coast collage


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Find your Italian Root

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Discover your Italian traditions, we will take you back to your past.

If you’re investigating your family tree, I’ll help you find your roots in your grandparent’s town, and help you search in city halls for certificates by the General Registry Offices

And if you would like to rediscover your Italian origins, it will be my pleasure to accompany you and act as interpreter with your local relatives in any area of our region, to discover together the history of your family and visit the places of your roots.


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Paestum Tours

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Paestum also famous for the Buffalo mozzarella cheese, so before to get to the greek ruins and temples if you want we can either stop at one of these famous farms to test one of the most famous Italian soft cheese or take a nice lunch with all the local products.


paestumUnlike the busy Pompeii and even Herculaneum, Paestum can often be deserted as it is not on the usual beaten path other tourists take.  The gleaming white marble of the ancient Greek temples that date back to the 6th century BC, set against the dark brown hills and deep blue sea, provide a uniquely Greek experience in Italy.


Today, the preserved temple of Hera II (once mistakenly believed to be the Temple of Poseidon) is one of three temples. We strongly recommend hiring a guide for the sites and visit an archaeological museum in the vicinity, which houses a rich collection of Greek art and antiquities which will leave you breathless. After this beautiful tour we'll drive back to the ship which is about  1 ½ hour away.

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Wine Tours

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Tour 1 : Taurasi wine tour


taurasiDiscover nice winery. We will provide an entertaining, informative and fun wine tour.You will have the opportunity to know a bit of viticulture and the wine making process and learn how to taste and appreciate quality wines.You will be guided in a full day excursion to the Irpinia land appreciating the great qualities of Taurasi ‘s finest wines.Taurasi town it’s the original birth place of famous Aglianico wine, and it is right in this town that you will visit one of the most inportant winery where the best crops of grapes are sapiently worked to produce the only red wine from the Campania region insigned with the highest “DOCG” quality mark: the Taurasi wine.You will explore the vineyards and wine cellar, learn the different techniques of viticulture and have a wine tasting coupled with traditional local food in the winery restaurant.We can customize your wine tour to your exact requirements. We would be more than happy to plan an itinerary alternatively to suit your needs, so that you can decide what and when to visit.

Tour 2 : Vesuvius wine tour

Cantine del Vesuvio where you will visit the vineyards, and at lunch time under a shadow of olive trees will start the wine tasting, from a bottle of the organic production of the winery. The wine will be accompanied by typical napoletan lunch.

* Entre (bruschetta, salami and cheese, typical salt cake)
* Backed bread with extra-virgin olive oil
* Spaghetti al sugo
* typical Neapolitan cake
* Taste of 4 different wines from the winery label.
* Grappa from apricots produced on the Vesuvius.

Price 20 Euro per person

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Tour to Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum

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Visit the most famous archelogical sites of the word like Pompeii and Herculaneum who were destroyed By Mt. Vesuvius the 79.AD, the active volcano that dominates the sky line and threatens the city every day. We can drive by car up and when the road stops, you get out and walk to the summit.
Once you reach the top, you’ll either be wandering in a cloud or, if lucky, you will be able to walk around the crater and see its 11km circumference (entrance fees Mt. Vesuvius 10 Euro per person). While Po

mpeii who is about 30 minutes drive from Mt. Vesuvius has buildings which were
common to many Roman settlements – amphitheatre, gladiator training ground, forums and markets. But the city is also famous for the frescos that have remained intact. These frescos adorn the walls of many houses and public establishments and give key clues to life in Pompeii with its festivals and routines, and bodies forever frozen offer a unique window on the ancient world. Pompeii is a large site the suggestion is to hire a local guide (100 Euro for 2 hours private tour) or in alternative audioguide. Entrance fees in Pompeii is 11 Euro per person.  For lunch in this area you there is also the opportunity of an a light lunch mix with wine testing and short tour in the Vesuvius vineyards (20 Euro per person) or taste the best pizza in Naples to the Pizzeria Da Michele who is 30 minutes away from Pompeii


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