Coastal villages

All the villages of the Amalfi coast from Sorrento to Salerno

The Amalfi coast is known throughout the world for its own scenic beauty made breathtaking ravines, caves, rocks a overhanging and spectacular beaches.
A unique place in the world to visit absolutely if you come to this area. But it is often revisited even by tourists who have it visited several times previously.
A classic itinerary very suggested by all tour operators is the visit of the villages of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.
And where it is also possible to visit the emerald cave.

But there are still 15 miles of coastline from Amalfi to Salerno again unknown to tourists, where you can experience moments of authentic & nbsp; daily life with local people in the small villages of Maiori, Minori, Cetara, and Vietri sul Mare. Which we suggest above all to whom wants to stay further from the tourist places and for those who return for the second time and wants to see something different. mappa costiera amalfitana

conca de Marini


Gem of the Amalfi Coast

Thanks to their innate sense of hospitality the positanesi have been able to conquer and maintain one of the first places among the most famous tourist places of the whole morndo. But not only in the tourist field has it been able to excel, even in the field of fashion is an international and innumerable reference point bottege and elegant big beach cliff boutique, that dot the streets and alleys, meet all the needs of one cosmopolitan clientele. Its happy geographical position places it in the center of gravity of one of the most pleasant and rich in history and natural beauty. During the summer a series of parties patronals, among which we remember that of July 2 in Montepertuso e that of August 15 in Positano, and cultural events like the international prize for the art of dance, in honor of the great choreographer and dancer Leonide Massine cheer up the evenings even more pleasant and evocative stay in this laughing location called "the gem of the divine coast Read More


The ancient Republic

DomeDeclared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Amalfi to mine opinion differs from other centers. Not panorama amalfi offers only a pleasant landscape but brings with it a wealth of remarkable history: it was Maritime Republic; in the seventeenth century there was the Maritime Code of Amalfi, better known as the Tavole Amalfitane; in the eleventh century built the Amalfi Cathedral in Arab-Sicilian style and dedicated to the Patron Saint Andrea; and finally the error of interpretation of a text Latin by the philologist Giambattista Pio maintained that the compass was was invented by the amalfi Flavio Gioia (In the text in question (Amalphi in Campania veteri magnetis usus inventus a Flavio traditur), however, we do not have to understand Flavio as the inventor of the compass, but only as the one who reported the news). Read More


City of music

ravellovilla rufolo Musa inspiring by Richard Wagner, offers for its remarkable altitude a breathtaking view especially from its famous villas (like the Villa Cimbrone with its renowned view from the Infinity Terrace, appreciated by the American president J. F. Kennedy) Land of enchantment, as the most illustrious travelers of all time described it they elected her to "Fatherland of the spirit". Only by visiting Ravello is given live intense moments of magical amazement. Today it is a destination for travelers Europeans, attracted by those beauties of nature and capable art to transform the journey into a "serendipity", happy and unexpected discovery to regeneration of the soul. Read More


The lemon groves on the beaches

MinoriRoman Villa Panoramic view of the beach of the small Minori, equipped with a marina (note the presence of boats) and various tourist beaches very well organized. Note the classic lemon groves of the peninsula sorrentina, from which the famous limoncello is made.
& nbsp; Entrance of the Villa Romana, of which archaeological remains remain very important and rare of ancient Rome, located in an inlet of the coastal where the stream flows (Reghinna Minor). Testify how the ancient Roman aristocracy, the Patricians, loved to stay in these places, as evidenced by further findings in neighboring countries. Of the whole structure it is possible to visit only the areas closest to the sea, since many parts are still located below others houses, mostly used as cellars. Read More


The reborn country

On the Amalfi Coast the right destination for you is certainly Maiori, which has the longest beach in the area: a stretch of sand almost one kilometer long,maioriNorman Tower with restaurants, hotels and establishments bathing to meet your every need (there is also a stretch of free beach, if you prefer).
If you want to relax and have fun, this is the perfect place, framed by the characteristic terraces cultivated with citrus and by many historical and artistic treasures. Read More


The fishing village

Seaside village of the Amalfi Coast. The sighting tower (now private home) is the characteristic symbol of this fascination common. Typical food: anchovies pescatori di cetara cetara cooked in all ways, in particular those under salt are exported all over the world.
You get to Cetara passing near the Norman Tower, then a few meters more along a small road leads into the city center and down to the port. From the tip of the pier where the fishing boats stop, you can admire everything the village in its beauty of Mediterranean colors. The beach laps the houses of fishermen who are rented to the summer tourists. Absolutely to visit !!! Read More

Vietri sul Mare

Art on the Sea

Vietri sul Mare: is the starting point of the Amalfi Coast and is formed by a hilly area where there are numerous shops ceramics characteristic and to the ceramic vietri slopes of it from the area of ​​Marina di Vietri, a district overlooking the sea, joined by a steep one descent of ancient paving, called the small Capri for the presence of two giant faraglioni, known as: "Due Brothers ". It is one of the most important coastal municipalities of the province of Salerno, nestled in the most protected corner of the homonymous gulf, immediately west of the capital city and at the beginning of the coast of Amalfi, of which it can be considered "the first pearl"
Thanks to its characteristics and its history, Vietri is considered one of the artistic and traditional ceramic production centers, for the which a recent national law provides for the creation of one's own brand that protects its production and image. The museum set up in the tower of Villa Guariglia in Raito he collects ceramic finds from the eighteenth century to the first half of this century, in the hope that future acquisitions can expand the testimonials chronologically productive. Read More


The village of lemons

& nbsp; Sorrento is located in one strategic position located at the end of the Gulf of Naples, and it is the most famous of the Sorrento peninsula. purely tourist & nbsp; since times Marina grandeSorrento ancient, Sorrento fascinates tourists and visitors with its views breathtaking, the landscape of gardens & nbsp; lemon groves, the marinas, the old historical center, an interesting historical architecture and religious, the ancient tradition of inlay and linen.

The famous writer was born here Torquato Tasso in 1544, to which the main square is dedicated. But Sorrento hosted many famous people including, Ernesto de Curtis & nbsp; who wrote the famous song "Torna a Surrienr" that means returns to Sorrento.
To visit the suggestive historical center in via San Cesareo, the museum Correale, the cloister of San Francesco that dates back to 1200 and above all "Marina Grande" a fishing village where Sofia loren made several film, Read More