Amalfi Coast classic Tours

Organizing the classic trip on the Amalfi Coast includes the visit of three countries that are called, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. Duomo Amalfi
During a trip Positano can be reached in about an hour if you leave from Sorrento and about two hours if you start from Naples or Salerno. Considering also the various stops along the way to take some pictures. Positano it is not accessible to coachesDuomo Amalfi tourist because the roads are a bit narrow. Once you have arrived at Positano, the car is parked in the local car park while i customers will have free time to visit the violets and the beach of Positano that can be reached only on foot. After Positano we leave to Amalfi through the small villages of Praiano, Furore, and Conca dei Marini, with the possibility of making beautiful photos along the route and visit the Emerald cave.

Once in Amalfi the customers have the opportunity to visit the cathedral of Sant 'Andrea to take a walk in the streets of the town where they can also have lunch in some Restaurant of their choice or suggested by us
After Amalfi we head to the last village called Ravello. It It is a very small medieval village 800 meters from the sea level where it is possible to admire Duomo Ravello the whole coast from Minori to the city of Salerno. In Ravello during free time, customers can visit the most important ones attractions that are Villa Rufolo or Villa Cimbrone at the cost of about 7 euros each.

After Ravello back home.

Please note: For those who have already been in these places and want to see something different we recommend how alternative the tour from Minori to Vieri sul Mare. What we have baptized with the name of Tour of the Unknown Coastline


Amalfi Coast
Amalfi coast