Escursioni nella Costiera sconosciuta

Organize a Nearly everyone knows that the divine Amalfi Coast & nbsp; it consists only of villages now well known of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. And they do not know that they are there another 20 kilometers of coastline unknown by many tourists but definitely worth visiting, for those who have already been in this area in above, but also for those who do not want to stay in very touristic places.
In fact, just ten minutes from Amalfi we cross Minori. A little village never renovated but where you can do many things like for example visit the ancient Roman villa & nbsp; which is also with entry free, visit the small historical center, taste the sweets of "Sal de Riso" famous Italian pastry chef, Try the limoncello coi green lemons and walk on the sidewalk of the promenade.
After minor we find Maiori. Different and more modern because it was rebuilt due to the catastrophic landslide of 1954 & nbsp; which destroyed the whole old country and created today's plain. Maiori has the Larger waterfront of the Amailfitana Coast. Excellent choice because comes on holiday with the children.

After Maiori we cross Cetara. Cetara is an ancient fishing village in province of Salerno, still today characterized by an economy focused on fishing and crafts. In Cetara it continues to be present in the culinary tradition. This small village is famous for the production of anchovy sauce.

The last coastal town before the city of Salerno is "Vieri sul Sea "which means art on the sea, for the production of majolica and of ceramics. In fact, this small village in addition to being a lot characteristic for its old style, from the possibility of buy items of authentic local production in the tens of shops in the historic center. here you can also buy small items ranging from a few euros up.


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