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domedeclared UNESCO World Heritage Site, Amalfi in my opinion yes differentiates from other centers. It offers not just a landscape pleasant but carries with it a wealth of remarkable history: it was the Republic Marinara; in the seventeenth century there was the Maritime Code of Amalfi, better known with the name of Tavole Amalfitane; in the eleventh century the Duomo was built of Amalfi in Arab-Sicilian style and dedicated to the patron saint Andrea; and finally the error of interpretation of a Latin text of the philologist Giambattista Pio claimed that the compass had been invented dall'amalfitano Flavio Gioia (In the text in question (Amalphi in Campania veteri magnetis usus inventus a Flavio traditur), however, Flavio should not be understood as the inventor of the compass, but only as the one who reported the news).

Wedged between the Lattari Mountains, scattered with citrus groves, and the sea, Amalfi is the pearl of the coast that takes its name from it. country is formed by white houses clinging to the rock, in aHarbour interweaving of alleys and stairs, and is leaning against a steep slope excavated in the valley of the river Canneto. A solar nature, intact and wild that creates a magical atmosphere. The entrance to Amalfi is watched from the beautiful tower of SAN FRANCESCO, today called "Saracena" and above, the hostel obtained from the ancient convent, founded by San Francesco in 1222. Deleted following the subversive laws, retains a very precious CHIOSTRO. Attached to the convent is the church of SAN ANTONIO, overlooking the sea.

Amalfi is an extremely picturesque city & nbsp; characterized by enchanting panoramic views; incredible cascading cliffs to peak on the sea; a mild climate; delicious little beaches; bleached houses grouped together, clinging tocosta rocky slopes; a wonderful cave (Emerald cave) rich in stalactites and stalagmites. The marina is very well equipped also to reach the beautiful beaches like that of Santa Cross. The historic port, as well as being obligatory for all departments and for excursions along the coast, to Capri and Sorrento, still relives today the glories of the republican past, being theater of the Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics, which takes place, in medieval costumes, every 4 years in June.
Do not miss a stop at the Museo della Carta, even today produced and refined with eighteenth-century techniques. In summer Amalfi is the capital of worldliness and fun with countless events, such as the Lemon Festival, as a tribute to the typical product of the Coast and the exquisite liqueur derived from it, and i creative art workshops.

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