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Vietri sul mare

 ceramicaVietri Vietri sul Mare mean Art on the Sea: it is the starting point of the Amalfi Coast and is formed from a hilly area where there are many ceramic shops characteristic and at the slopes of it from the area of ​​Marina di Vietri, a district overlooking the sea, joined by a steep one descent of ancient paving, called the small Capri for the presence of two giant faraglioni, known as: "Due Brothers ". It is one of the most important coastal municipalities of the province of Salerno, nestled in the most protected corner of the homonymous gulf, immediately west of the capital city and at the beginning of the coast d'Amalfi, of which it can be considered "the first pearl"

VietriThe center of the town, dominated by Mount San Liberatore, lies down on a terraced strip on the sea and is dominated by the mother church of San Giovanni Battista, the main monument of the city seventeenth-century, surmounted by the elegant majolica dome. On underlying wide and equipped beach lies the fraction Marina, a destination for summer and end tourist flows week, with the sixteenth century defense tower in the center Saracens. The territory, crossed by the river Bonea, represents a point welding between the chain of the Lattari mountains and the most internal system of Picentini mountains. The agricultural landscape roughly traces that of the Amalfi coast, where over the centuries to the vegetation spontaneous southern and at spioaggia training forest (chestnut, holm oak, coppice) man has joined one series of crops, including vines and citrus fruits, also intervening in the arrangement of the soil with terracing. The valley of Albori is declared station of the Pinguicola hirtifolia, interesting plant carnivorous, endemic in this preappenninic area. Thanks to his characteristics and its history Vietri is considered one of the centers of artistic and traditional ceramic production, for which one recent national law provides for the creation of its own brand that it protects its production and image. The museum set up in the tower of Villa Guariglia in Raito collects ceramics from the eighteenth century the first half of this century, in the hope that future acquisitions can chronologically expand the production testimonies. transform the journey into one "Serendipity", happy and unexpected discovery for regeneration soul.

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