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Spiaggia minoriAlready at the beginning of the last century Minori had a solid tradition pasta, not second to that of Gragnano in the province of Naples. The handmade pasta craftsmanship gives life to the very particular 'ndunderi and other typical pasta such as fusilli and scialatielli. There cultivation of lemons of its rich terracing feeds the handicraft production of the famous limoncello and specialties gastronomic and pastry related to the sfusato amalfitano, today sectors that drive the local economy that enrich the offer tourist of this beautiful town with great restaurants, liquoreries and pastry shops including the famous Sal De Risolaboratory

Villa RomanaSurely the jewel of Minori is the 1st century Roman Maritime Villa. d. C., splendid example of imperial villa of imperial age preserved in the its structures and partly with its rich decorations. Other monument symbol of the city is the Basilica of Santa Trofimena, which preserves the relics of the martyr Saint, the first arrived in

The villages of Minori preserve the atmosphere of past times. Just climb up the many streets uphill for Sal de Riso reach the most characteristic corners of the town. Particularly gracious is the village of Villa Amena, with the ancient church of San Gennaro, and the village of Torre which, with the church of San Michele, it is the heart of the splendid "path of the lemons ". Located in a delightful and quiet cove between Capo d'Orso and Conca dei Marini, Minori is the town of the Amalfi Coast dubbed the narcissus of the Coast for the particularity & nbsp; of its territory and fertility & nbsp; of his land.

limoncelloThe town, of small white houses that wind along the coast or that adapt to the sunny terraces of the hills behind, plunging into the green of the orchards or the lemon groves. The enchanting landscape, enriched from the suggestion of historical memories and valuable monuments and works medieval art; the small but comfortable beach provided with adequate bathing facilities; and above all the smell of zagare, the taste of the sea and the mild climate make minors a center of very famous holiday resort.

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