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Gorgeous since the empire era Roman is always linked to the legend of the Madonna Assunta.La legend tells that, many years ago, around the twelfth century AD, one Positano dall' altoship which carried a painting of the Madonna Assunta, of Byzantine type, it was plowing the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, before the then village of Positano. There was calm and the sailboat was in no way able to take back the sea, when the sailors, Benedictine monks, heard one voice that said "POSA POSA" ... Posa Posa, or stop there, in that place, almost coming from the painting of the Virgin Mary. So yes they approached the shore The Positanesi, who took their name from this event, took the painting of the Virgin and brought it to the Church which is now situated in the central square of the village, Piazzetta dei Mulini. They left her there, but in the morning miraculously this was gone and was found near the sea, on a field of brooms. It is thought that there too there it was a miracle, because the picture had arrived there alone so then that i shopsAt that point Positanesi began the construction of the new church dedicated to Lady Maria Assunta.  Transfer
Those who observe Positano for the first time do not get hit by the sea but but from its medium-small terraced terraces created with great effort on the steep rock of the Amalfi coast. Thanks to their innate sense of hospitality, the people of Positano knew conquer and keep one of the first places among the most renowned tourist sites of the whole morndo. But not only in the tourist field has been able to excel, even in the field of fashion is a point of international reference and the countless bottege and elegant boutiques, which dot the streets and alleys, satisfy all the needs of a cosmopolitan clientele.
& nbsp; Its happy geographical position places it in the barycentre of a territory among the most pleasant and rich in history and beauty natural. During the summer a series of patronal festivals, between which we remember that of July 2 in Montepertuso and that of 15 August in Positano, and cultural events such as the prize international for the art of dance, in honor of the great choreographer e dancer Leonide Massine cheer up evenings making it even more pleasant and suggestive stay in this charming town called "the gem of the divine coast
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