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Ravello terraceProbably founded by Roman settlers in the 6th century spintisi between those mountainous areas considering them a good shelter to escape the vandal destructions of the barbarians; the first certain news on Ravello date back to the ninth century. when all the centers of the coast returned to the Amalfitan state. Around at the year one thousand was populated by a group of nobles of the Republic Marinara di Amalfi, rebelling against the authority of the doge. The city became rapidly thrives, in particular thanks to a thriving spinning of the wool in ancient times called "Celendra". In the eleventh century the Ravellesi they tried to free themselves from the ties with Amalfi: the village was surrounded by walls and patrician families began to build their sumptuous ones mansions, electing one's own duke; in 1086 Ravello also became a seat bishop.

Panorama di Ravello
cimbroneWith the Norman conquest and their affirmation in the South began the decline of Ravello, which became part of the kingdom in 1131. In 1137 the Republic of Pisa ravaged Ravello for three days: despite this i Ravellesi, skilled merchants, had also conquered the Arab markets and, between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the city reached about 36,000 inhabitants. During the war of the Vespers (1282-1302) the French occupied Ravello, which redeemed itself with 135 ounces of gold. Led by Judge Giovanni Frezza he sided with Ladislao di Durazzo in his struggle for reconquest of the kingdom and occupied Scala, which instead sided with Louis II of Anjou. In the following centuries Ravello began its decline and was also reduced its population: in the seventeenth century the plague further weakened the citizen, decimating the population; in 1818 the diocese of Ravello it was suppressed and added to the archdiocese of Amalfi.

Villa Rufolo Gardens
Musa inspiratrice by Richard Wagner, offers for its remarkable altitude a breathtaking view especially from itsrufolo
 famous villas (like the Villa Cimbrone with its renowned sight from the Infinity Terrace, appreciated by the American president J. F. Kennedy) Land of enchantment, as described by the most illustrious travelers of all time who elected her to "Fatherland of the spirit". Only by visiting Ravello is it possible to experience intense moments of magical amazement. Today it is a destination for European travelers, attracted by those beauties of the nature and art can transform the journey into one "Serendipity", happy and unexpected discovery for regeneration soul.

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